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    Coaching 25 05 2020

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    There’s still a world wide problem when it comes to orphans. To me it raises questions about not feeling connected, being in a 'foundling hatch’, a ‘waiting room’, in between.

    I found photos of little objects that children carried with them when placed in foundling hatches in the earlier days. These objects were cut in half, so there was still evidence left with the mother when she wanted her child back. These objects somehow became symbols of identity.

    When I look at our times I see many refugee children who roam around without parents and which are not given a home in many European countries.

    This is a huge problem.

    I was wondering if I could give those children ‘a name’, give this inhumanity visibility.



    Orphans project







    The second idea is about questioning the material with which I work.

    I like gardening, have a vegetable garden. There are many farmers around here, they work quite traditional.

    The huge climate problem raises questions about what we did and still are doing with our earth.

    What do we take from the earth for our benefit and what do we put in it?

    I take clay from the earth, add all kinds of raw material, fire it.

    What is the connection/difference between my act as a ceramic artist and the big pollution that is going on?



    Atelier NL




    A term that I found when I was searching for non places.

    It means homesick for a lost world.

    The big change of our landscape has its influence on people and is a huge problem for the surviving of the earth.

    It is obvious, but still many people don’t want to see it, power and money are the big players in this field.

    This topic raises questions with me about how to make it visible, give this recognition.

    It also makes me think about how alienated we are from nature.


  • Links between themes

    All three projects are linked by notions of disconnect & loss!

  • Coaching 24/06/2020

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