• Professional Growth & Transformation

    Ceramics Coaching & Mentoring

    Dr Wendy Gers

    Audis, MA (cum laude), PhD

    world-leading scholar, activist-curator & coach

    • Are you a talented potter or ceramics artist who is struggling?
    • Does your work feel stuck and stale?
    • Did COVID rock the foundations of your business?

    By the end of our transformational online program you will

    • feel inspired & deeply supported
    • have the confidence to make profound changes in your art practice & business
    • have the know-how to make original & innovative work
    • confidently embark on the next chapter of your art career from a place of clarity & knowledge

  • Grow, learn & advance...


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    Reflect on your practice, set goals, develop an action plan, learn about the international art scene & advance your creative practice from home.

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    Explore new possibilities, develop an innovative & original research project or a new body of art.

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    Reviews of your work, coaching & mentoring, accountability partnership to ensure you follow your action plan & achieve goals!

  • What We Offer


    • Our online programs enable you to extend your art skills & knowledge through our unique blend of life & business mentoring & coaching.

    • Our bespoke ‘ART’ method (Analysis - Results - Tasks) is presented through worksheets, discussions, coaching & mentoring sessions.

    • We work together to ensure you have the insider knowledge, resources & know-how to advance your career, creating new opportunities for personal, financial & artistic advancement.

    • All from the comfort of your home... via Teams or a similar online platform.

  • What We Do

    The aim of our bespoke mentoring & coaching program is to help you advance your art practice & move to the next level.

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    Specialist life & business coaching using a series of expert worksheets supplemented by ongoing motivational discussions about key challenges for your individual practice

    • What is holding you back? Identifying key challenges in your individual practice.
    • Goal setting and developing a plan of action for the next year.
    • How to develop your environmentally or socially-engaged practice?
    • Refining your Artist Statement.
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    Specialist art mentoring & curatorial guidance

    • Critiques of work in progress.
    • Website & Social Media reviews.
    • Documenting & cataloguing work.
    • Developing portfolios & artists’ book.
    • Writing newsletters, grant proposals, promotional material including blog posts & press releases.
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    Sales, Exhibitions & Income Generation

    • Pricing & selling work - galleries, fairs, and online platforms.
    • Branding.
    • Marketing & promotion.
    • Guidance on social media.
    • Identifying new contacts & audiences.
    • Planning and designing your big show.
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    International Advancement

    • Learning about the international art scene.
    • Residencies - how to choose the best one for your practice?
    • Entering Competitions & international biennials etc.
  • What I will get from this

    Our online program inspires & empowers you to transform your art practice.



    • Define your goals & identify systems to overcome challenges & take steps to reach them.

    • A unique combination of life & business coaching to stimulate powerful & permanent positive change that will keep you on track for many years to come.



    • New artistic references, contextual information & insider secrets gained from working with a world-leading curator & ceramics expert.



    • Head-space & time away from your everyday life to reassess & rejuvenate your art practice.

  • Who is Eligible?


    • While Ceramics Coach specialises in clay-based practices, we embrace all forms of art!


    • English and French.




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