• Professional Growth & Transformation

    Ceramics Coaching & Mentoring

    Dr Wendy Gers
    BA, Audis, MA (cum laude), PhD

    world-leading scholar, activist-curator & coach

    • Are you a talented potter or ceramics artist who is struggling?
    • Does your work feel stuck and stale?
    • Has COVID rocked the foundations of your business?
    • Is professional isolation hindering your career?

    By the end of our transformational online program you will

    • feel inspired & deeply supported
    • have the confidence to make profound changes in your art practice & business
    • have the know-how to make distinctive, original & innovative work
    • confidently embark on the next chapter of your art career from a place of clarity & knowledge

  • Grow, learn & advance...



    Reflect on your practice, set goals, develop an action plan, learn about the international art scene & advance your creative practice from home.


    Explore new possibilities, develop an innovative & original research project or a new body of art.


    Reviews of your work, coaching & mentoring, accountability partnership to ensure you follow your action plan & achieve goals!

  • What we offer


    Our online programs enable you to extend your art skills & knowledge through our unique blend of life & business mentoring & coaching.


    Our bespoke ‘ART’ method (Analysis - Results - Tasks) is presented through worksheets, discussions, coaching & mentoring sessions.


    We work together to ensure you have the insider knowledge, resources & know-how to advance your career, creating new opportunities for personal, financial & artistic advancement.


    All from the comfort of your home... avoiding the need to travel & all the associated risks!

  • Info about our unique Online Coaching

    Group, private or a combination of both...

    All is possible!

  • What We Do

    The aim of our bespoke mentoring & coaching program is to help you advance your art practice & move to the next level.

    Specialist life & business coaching using a series of expert worksheets supplemented by ongoing motivational discussions about key challenges for your individual practice

    • What is holding you back? Identifying key challenges in your individual practice.
    • Goal setting and developing a plan of action for the next year.
    • How to develop your environmentally or socially-engaged practice?
    • Refining your Artist Statement.

    Specialist art mentoring & curatorial guidance

    • Critiques of work in progress.
    • Website & Social Media reviews.
    • Documenting & cataloguing work.
    • Developing portfolios & artists’ book.
    • Writing grant proposals, promotional material including website copy,  blog posts & press releases.

    Sales, Exhibitions & Income Generation

    • Pricing & selling work - galleries, fairs, and online platforms.
    • Branding.
    • Marketing & promotion.
    • Guidance on social media.
    • Identifying new contacts & audiences.
    • Planning and designing your big show.

    International Advancement

    • Learning about the international art scene.
    • Residencies - how to choose the best one for your practice?
    • Entering Competitions & international biennials etc.

    Illustrated lectures on key subjects

    • Green and sustainable ceramics
    • New technologies
    • Social practices
    • the Art vs Craft debate etc.
  • What I will get from this

    Our online program inspires & empowers you to transform your art practice.



    • Define your goals & identify systems to overcome challenges & take steps to reach them.
    • A UNIQUE combination of life & business coaching to stimulate powerful & permanent positive change that will keep you on track for many years to come.


    • New artistic references, contextual information & insider secrets gained from working with a world-leading curator & ceramics expert.



    • International peers & accountability partners, with whom you can remain in touch after the program.



    • Head-space & time away from your everyday life to reassess & rejuvenate your art practice.
  • Who is Eligible?


    • While Ceramics Coach specialises in clay-based practices, we embrace all forms of art, coaching & mentoring painters, sculptors & photographers etc!


    • Group & individual programs are available in English.
    • Individual programs are also available in French.
  • I would love more info about

    online coaching & mentoring!

    Please send me more info.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    • Group coaching programs are offered on the basis of obtaining sufficient enrollments.
    • Programs may be cancelled if the minimum viable number of enrollments is not obtained. In this highly unlikely event, participants will receive full reimbursement of all payments received.
    • Contact us for a Terms & Conditions brochure.

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Terms & Conditions
All group coaching and mentoring is offered on the basis of obtaining sufficient enrollments.   
Privacy Policy
We are GDPR Compliant. Your email and data is safe with us and will not be divulged to any third party.