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    Ceramics Coaching & Mentoring

    Dr Wendy Gers

    Audis, MA (cum laude), PhD

    world-leading scholar, activist-curator & coach

  • Mud Matters Webinars

    In 2021 I held a series of free live events exploring professional practices especially 'green' ceramics & sustainability with leaders of the field.

    Focusing on environmental stewardship & sustainability in ceramics,  this monthly webinar interviews Australian tableware  artist &  designer Anna-Marie Wallace, founder of Made OF Australia, whose work is  smoke fired with locally foraged materials, and sealed  with a natural coat to ensure food...
    25 février 2021 · green ceramics,raw clay,Sculpture,environmental art,sustainibility
    4 février 2021 · environmental art,raw clay,green ceramics,performance art,sculpture